10x Funnels: Re-engaging Leads

10x Funnels: Re-engaging Leads

10x Funnels: Re-engaging Leads


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10x Funnels: Re-engaging Leads

Win cold leads and customers back – even if they’ve been ghosting you – with this irresistible funnel

Re-engage cold leads and cold customers, warm them up and convert them into buyers

You’ll 10x your strategy skills and:

Plug the leaks and create a re-engagement funnels that magically recover lost leads and customers
Wake up the coldest leads and customers – the ones your customer has mostly forgotten about and started to ignore – and make them pay attention all thanks to a strategic framework
Expertly set metrics for your funnel, beat them through optimizing and convince your clients you’re some kinda ghost-busting wizard
Strategically map out the perfect tactics for your funnel strategy thanks to the Boomerang Conversion Funnel Brief

You’ll 10x your conversion copy chops and:

Wield pattern interrupts to jolt folks out of ignoring you and write ghost reviver copy that gets ‘em to pay attention again
Immerse your customers in messages that reframe his perception, reposition your message and remove friction so that he wants to say yes
Use the “bag of treats” to reframe your offer with a magical messaging method that reminds customers they know, like and trust you
Use top-of-mind problems, FOMO and a dash of controversy (the good kind!) to create emails and sales pages that make your copy impossible to ignore
Write faster thanks to the Boomerang Conversion Brief that helps you “write” 60-80% of your copy before you ever start writing