Build a Revolutionary Company

Build a Revolutionary Company

Build a Revolutionary Company


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Build a Revolutionary Company

In this mini-course taught by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Marie Forleo, learn her principles for building a revolutionary business.

How to follow your gut instincts and intuition in business
How to focus in a noisy world
The value of creating a meditation practice
The importance of embracing the willingness to learn and grow

Module 1: How to Follow Your Intuition in Business and Life

Lesson 1: How Marie Followed Her Gut Instincts and Started Her Business

Lesson 2: The Willingness to Learn and Grow

01 |Module 2: Create Habits for Personal Wellness

Lesson 1: How to Find Focus in a Noisy World

Lesson 2: Marie’s Meditation Practice

02 |Module 3: How to Cultivate Company Wellness

Lesson 1: ‘Going Dark’ and the Luxury of Offline