ClickMinded – 7 digital marketing courses to massively increase sales.

ClickMinded – 7 digital marketing courses to massively increase sales.

ClickMinded – 7 digital marketing courses to massively increase sales.


ClickMinded – 7 digital marketing courses to massively increase sales.
ClickMinded is where 8,702 startups, agencies, entrepreneurs and students learn digital marketing.

Heads up: Only the nerds are using ClickMinded.
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I’m going to tell you something you definitely already know.

Content for digital marketers today is garbage.

Everything you read is quick hacks, tips and crappy Business Insider articles about chatbots.

Every post is, shockingly, “The Ultimate Guide to ”.

And “growth hacking”… NOPE. Not even gonna go there.

Still, all of that content promises that you’ll be able to grow your business if you follow their 7 simple steps or their 3 quick tips or the 5 daily habits.

You know I’m not making this stuff up, because you see it all the time.

Digital Marketing Course Content
You don’t need me to tell you that this stuff sucks. But the worst part is that it works.

Media outlets drive crazy amounts of traffic by peddling this nonsense.

We know it because we’ve done it in the past. Shameful.

We know that we could grow ClickMinded if we did the same thing—we even considered it and started making a plan for it.

… And then we felt gross.

I promise you, you don’t need to read 3 blog posts a week from on how to increase your Twitter followers.

I promise you!

What you need great, experience-driven content with easy to use, step-by-step instructions on how to implement it on your own.

We got tired of digital marketers using cheap tricks on each other all day. So we’ve decided to pivot and go completely against what seems to be working for everyone else in the game, because we are sick and f*cking tired of the listicles.

You heard that correctly. THERE WILL BE NO LISTICLES.

If you want to become a world-class digital marketer, what you need is comprehensive, actionable content that will truly help you grow a business.

The challenge is that the way that people learn digital marketing is weird.

Super weird, actually.

Ask any digital marketer you know how they got into the business, and 9 times out of 10, it’ll be a strange story. The next time you bump into a seasoned online marketer, ask them how they got into it.

The vast majority of Internet marketers I meet have one thing in common: more often than not, they fell into it in a bizarre way.

Look, it’s a weird industry. Most of the best people in it are self-taught, and the demand for good people is truly insatiable.

We’ve been thinking about this a lot and decided that we need to create the content that WE wish WE had when WE were first starting.

We thought about it a lot, and realized that it came down to only two things:

How could we acquire the same skills, only 20x faster?
Who are the best people in the world to learn this stuff from?
That started us on a journey.

We decided to create the content that we wish had existed when we were first getting started.

No cheap tricks, no hacks, no Business Insider articles.

We decided to go out there and create the best digital marketing courses you can imagine, taught by some of the best people in the world, for serious digital marketers only.

7 world-class online marketing courses…
…with a digital marketing course syllabus designed to teach you exactly what you need, taught by the best people in the game.