Foundations of product messaging

Foundations of product messaging

Foundations of product messaging


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Foundations of product messaging

Stop letting amateur copy wipe out your conversions

Get a formula for writing high-converting copy

You won’t convert visitors with bad (or even average copy)—no matter how much else you get right. Having a strong value proposition and relevant messaging is critical for maximizing conversions.

But knowing this doesn’t make writing any easier. Spending hours staring at a blank page trying to craft key messages? Conversion Copywriter Momoko Price is sharing critical copywriting foundations and her proven strategies.

In 10 lessons packed with gold, you’ll learn the fundamentals of conversion copywriting, how to characterize your audience with copywriting examples, and a repeatable formula for crafting compelling value propositions you and your team can come back to again and again.

In just 10 lessons, you’ll learn:
How to dispel toxic copywriting myths
How many conversion goals your page should have
How to apply the conversion formula to copy
What customer motivation really is
The formula for a great value proposition
What the customer awareness spectrum is
How to embrace a copy-first approach
Why a persuasive/narrative flow is important
Punch-up tricks to dramatically improve your copy
What makes up the anatomy of an irresistible call-to-action