Google Analytics Audits

Google Analytics Audits

Google Analytics Audits


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Become great at Google Analytics Audits

Get a structured approach to diagnose and fix any account so you can trust your data and make the most of your digital marketing dollars.

After taking this course, you’ll…
Know the key areas to check in Google Analytics to ensure accurate data collection
Understand why things break in Google Analytics and learn multiple ways to solve those problems
Use the “Outside-In Approach” to find issues that most experts miss
Develop the mindset and discover the tools you need to troubleshoot issues in Google Analytics
Concisely communicate your findings and solutions to your stakeholders
70–80% of websites use Google Analytics… and they all need an audit hero like you

You don’t get accurate data in Google Analytics by accident. You get accurate data with a proper setup and routine maintenance.Which means every single website needs someone with a reliable approach to diagnosing and fixing issues in their account.

If you’re an agency, Google Analytics audits are a high-value introductory offer that can lead to bigger contracts.If you work on your own business’s website, a structured approach is essential to ensure your team can make smart decisions.In other words, once you master the process you’re about to learn, you’ll have an indispensable skill that over 70% of online businesses need.

This course is essential for you if …
You want a structured way to evaluate a Google Analytics property
You want to know exactly where to look for problems
You want to know how to fix the problems you find
You are responsible for assessing the quality of Google Analytics data
This course is NOT for you if…
You’re a very experienced Google Analytics practitioner who has seen and fixed a lot of different problems
You don’t regularly work with Google Analytics, or have just a basic skill level
You don’t rely on Google Analytics data for improving your business