Maximizing Audiences for PPC Campaigns

Maximizing Audiences for PPC Campaigns

Maximizing Audiences for PPC Campaigns


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Become great at maximizing audiences for PPC campaigns

Go beyond keywords & reap higher returns on your PPC ad spend

Advanced search marketers:
it’s time to gain the audience advantage

Feel like you’re focusing too much on keywords and missing the PPC forest for the trees?

You might well be.

Many PPC marketers spend a ton of time on keywords — and while choosing the right keywords is important, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. To be a truly effective PPC marketer, you have to know how to connect with people, not keywords.

This advanced course on audiences will improve your PPC returns. You’ll learn how to:

Find & refine your target audience(s) — so you never spend a dime of your ad budget on the wrong people
Structure your campaigns and ad groups to maximize audience performance — not to mention you’ll make it much easier to navigate your ads accounts
Layer & shape your campaigns to avoid audience overlap — while ensuring you still reach the
Use your audiences to prove success in other channels — thus squeezing every ounce of value out of your ad spend
And a whole lot more.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly what to implement in your campaigns — from identifying exactly where in your funnel your audience exists, to guiding them right through the final conversion.

Plus, Joe and Michelle will show you new ways to create ads that your competitors can’t replicate.

After taking this course, you’ll:
Earn better ROAs: Define your target audiences & market more effectively with your existing PPC budget
Multiply your impact across channels: Use your newly super-powered audiences for retargeting
Get negative: Discover advanced strategies for negative audience creation & audience shaping
Write more specific ads: Learn how Joe and Michelle write better ads from their PPC audiences