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Become great at Neuromarketing

Increase your conversions by understanding how your customers’ brain works

Increase your conversions by understanding how your customers’ brains work

To optimize conversion rates, you need to change buyer behavior. Learn how the human brain works and how to leverage that knowledge to increase sales.

This course is about more than just persuasion, cognitive biases and behavioral economics.

In just 5 sessions, you’ll learn how to…
Be more effective: Understand how the signal processing in the brain works so your message really gets into the mind of your audience.
Control perception: You can control what and how the content of your websites and landing pages will be perceived.
Raise buying motivation: Understand the influence of emotions and fears of your audience to increase the motivation to buy of your users.
This course is right for you if…
You understand that a conversion is a result of a users behavior
You are generally interested in psychology and customer experience
You have already worked with psychological principles but maybe it didn’t work for you
This course is probably not for you if…
You think you understand your customers’ behavior by using Google Analytics
You think you need to do a lot of quick a/b tests instead of some really good ones
You think psychology is just some esotheric stuff for UX nerds.