Optimizing your Marketing Tech Stack

Optimizing your Marketing Tech Stack

Optimizing your Marketing Tech Stack


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Become great at optimizing your marketing tech stack

Make all your marketing tools play together to make more money

Get a unified view of your customer journey, and track full ROI of your marketing. Learn to evaluate, eliminate, and integrate the tools that will drive growth for your business.

You will learn exactly how to:
Choose and set up the right tools — No more throwing away your monthly marketing budget on forgotten or useless subscriptions
Build a taxonomy guide to scale your business — Imagine the confusion you’ll sidestep by helping all your team members use the same words for the same concepts
Integrate tools to build a holistic marketing machine — Stop exporting and importing data from one platform to the next
Set up to put your customer data to work — Use your existing data to create a better customer experience that drives higher revenue
Track lead and engagement scoring to identify hot leads — Instead of guessing who might be ready to sign up or buy

Get shit done without engineering — No coding required
Convert more customers using your tools — Set your stack up once and watch it do the heavy lifting for you
This course is right for you if …
You’ve explored some marketing tools, but haven’t decided which will yield the best value
You’ve begun to collect data from various tools, but need to fit all the pieces together
You’re interested in learning more about marketing automation, analytics, CRMs, data piping, support systems, live chat system, forms, & prospecting tools
You have a general understanding of marketing automation & integration, basic Google Analytics reporting skills and some technical know-how (or Zapier experience)