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Shopify Reunite

Learn about how key product announcements from Shopify Reunite can help start or grow your business.

Watch our video recaps to get details on new and upcoming tools to edit your online store and expand your marketing and sales efforts. You’ll also hear directly from Shopify’s leadership team about the future of commerce and emerging trends that could impact your business in this rapidly changing environment.

By the end of this course, you will understand how Shopify’s latest products can help future-proof your business.

What You’ll Learn:

How to better start or grow your business
Discover more details about our new business-branded card and financial account to help manage your money
Tools to help future-proof a retail or online business

A Letter to Entrepreneurs

01 |Money

Get Fast Funding Through Shopify Capital

Capture More Sales with Shop Pay Installments

Introducing Shopify Balance

02 |Fast, Simplified Ways to Sell Online

Get Online Fast — with Express

Gift Card Support Available on All Shopify Plans

Set Up Tipping Options

Reach Buyers Anywhere

Expand Your Reach Through More Currency Options

Create More Transparent Pricing

New Online Store Design Experience

Update on Subscriptions

03 |Make Major Moves in Marketing and Sales

Future-Proof Your Retail Business

Drive New Customers to Your Business with Google Shopping and Facebook Shops

Connect with Your Customers Through Shopify Email

Grow Your Business with Shopify Ping’s Power of Chat

Use Shop Channel to Connect with Nearby Customers

04 |Expanding Your Options Through Back Office

Preview—and Perfect—Your Product Pages

A Redesigned Orders List

Improved Inventory Management

Centralize Your Product-Returns Workflow

05 |Ship Your Orders Faster for Less

Drive Business with Curbside Pickup

A Simplified Local Delivery Experience

Continue Shipping with Shopify Fulfillment Network

Faster Fulfillment Through Collaborative Technology

06 |Boosting Performance for Your Store

A Faster Storefront Renderer

Increased Online Store Performance