Using Advanced AI in Marketing

Using Advanced AI in Marketing

Using Advanced AI in Marketing


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Become great at using advanced AI in marketing

Revolutionize your marketing with AI

Become a better consumer of AI, both internally and with vendors, to drive more revenue

At the end of this course you will:
Clearly explain which AI approach is right for your business given what you are trying to achieve
Ask insightful, direct questions of your internal and/or vendor AI teams to deliver more revenue, more customers, and/or more leads to sales using AI
Develop a plan knowing where and how to apply AI in your marketing funnel, especially on your website, to deliver the results your’e accountable for delivering
Know how to orchestrate multiple AI applications to increase conversion rates on your website
This course is right for you if …
You’re accountable for driving more leads to sales, more revenue, and/or more customers
You want to advance your career by learning to cut through the AI hype that we all hear so often
You want to go to your boss with new ideas on how to drive your business
This course is NOT for you if you…
You want to dive in to writing code and/or the deep math involved in AI
You want to go deep on algorithms (the initial course in the series goes deeper there)