7 of the Best Live Chat Tools 

When it comes to live chat tools, offering great customer service is at the heart of customer satisfaction and gaining repeat customers.   

A big part of customer service is being available to chat with customers, answering their questions and making sure that they have a great customer experience – this is where live chat tools come in.  

Live chat tools give you a fast, professional and efficient way to communicate with your customers.  

Our site can provide you with a great number of Live Chat tool options, but below we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 7 best and most popular live chat plugins on offer today.     


  1.      Olark 



Olark is a very simple, functional live chat plugin. The pop-up chat boxes they provide can be customized with colours and pictures to match your company’s colours and style. 

The tool also offers custom chatbox forms where you will be able to collect vital information about your visitors before the chat even begins. You can get their product preference, problem type and even their email- so you can build up your emailing list.   

You can integrate Olark with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WordPressMagento and BigCommerce.  

Price $19 per month (free trial available) 

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  1. Live Chat Inc. 


Want a chatbot that can handle simple queries while you are busy tackling bigger issues?  

Live Chat Inc. is a popular live chat tool that offers 24/7-hour support and real-lime answers to your customer’s simple queries.  

With Live Chat you can also see what is in your customer’s basket and recommend similar products they might be interested in.  

The LiveChat interface is clean, bright and can be customized to suit your preferences.  

Price $16 per month. 

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3.  Pure Chat  


Pure Chat is a free 30- day plan that offers you the ability to live chat with customers so you can address their questions and complaints. 

The Pure Chat service is similar to those offered by Olark. The features are simple, functional and minimalist. With both plugins you have complete control of how your chat widget and pop-up boxes look.   

The upgraded, paid Pure Chat plugin gives you the ability to track visitors to your site, gives you detailed marketing campaign effectiveness reports and user experience data.  

Price ranges from $39 (free trial available)  

  1. Intercom 


With Intercom’s live chat solution users can ask you questions and you can proactively respond to them. You can also start conversations yourself, by asking users who have been browsing for a long time if they need any help.  

When you are away from your desk and not available to immediately reply you can set up a chat box where people leave their details. You can then continue conversations with them when you are back online.  

It is also very easy to allocate customer queries to different members of your customer service team. The Intercom’s platform is easy to use, well thought out and is very functional.  

Price ranges from $39 


  1. is a great, free live messaging app you can integrate to your shopify store.  

With you’ll be able to address any customer concerns, answer any questions and give your customer the confidence to make purchases.  

The tool itself is very easy to operate, efficient and of great value since you can use their completely free service.   


  1. Chatra


Chatra is a live chat service that also offers an offline messaging service for businesses.  

With Chatra you can communicate with customers through chatbots, email and social messaging. You can set your offline hours by letting customers know when you are available to chat.  

You can also build an emailing list and help you beat cart abandonment by sending nudges to those who have abandoned their carts.  

Chatra has the option of a completely free plan, which is great if you have a small business.  

Prices range from $15 (free trial available)  


  1. Hubspot

Looking for an easy way to connect to your customers?  

Hubspot is a great all-in-one customer relationship management tool that helps you keep track and keep in touch with customers.  

The free version of the tool offers you a great live chat feature where you can chat with customers directly and offer them 24/7-hour support.   

Hubspot does this mainly through automated chatbots that can be customized and programmed to communicate with customers. You can also save replies to simple questions in a FAQ’s section. Hubspot also offers:  

  • Email tracking and notifications – where you’ll be able to communicate with customers.  
  • Prospect tracking – where you can keep track and follow up on potential customers.  
  • Meeting scheduling – a platform where you can meet with members of your team. 

Prices range from $50 (free trial available)  

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As you can see there are a great many options available on the market at a range of affordable prices to suit your needs.  

If you are still unsure about which tools are right for your business, you can use our site to compare their features and find the best one for you.