9 Instagram Marketing Tools You Should Use in 2021

9 Instagram Marketing Tools You Should Use in 2021


With billions of users, Instagram is the most popular image sharing social media application in the world. This is why advertising and promoting your business on Instagram is a great marketing move.

With all the tools out there promising to boost your Instagram brand it can be difficult to know which ones to use.

We’ve compiled a list of Instagram marketing tools– from social media scheduling tools, to Influencer apps and hashtag generating sites- all designed to help you increase your social media engagement.


Instagram tools for Automation & Analytics 

  1. Sked Social

Posting consistently is key in social media marketing, this is where the Sked Social comes in handy.

With Sked Social you are provided features that help you to plan your Instagram strategy and auto publish engaging images and videos. This tool is great for anyone who likes to save time and plan ahead.

Sked social is very easy to use. The features it offers were created to be easy to navigate and can be used by inexperienced individuals and retail companies alike.

Price ranges from $25


  1.       Sendible

Sendible is another popular social media scheduling tool, similar to Sked.

The Sendible tool supports direct publishing of pictures to your Instagram from its platform. It allows you total control to bulk schedule your posts, so you can plan your social media posts weeks in advance. The tool even auto publishes your posts at a specific time you choose.

With Sendible you’ll be able to save time and be able to focus your social media marketing campaigns.

Price ranges from $29 per month. 


  1. eClincher  

The next tool on our list is eClincher. EClincher is ranked as one of the top social media management platforms in the industry. It is perfect for all businesses, brands and agencies.

The tool helps you post ad’s automatically on Instagram with its auto-post feature. It keeps things streamlined by allowing you to manage clients with individual dashboards but also offers you a huge selection of images and videos, from their varied library- so you can make engaging Instagram content to attract your customers.

Prices range from $59 (free trial available)


  1. Buffer

Buffer is another great social media scheduling tool.

With it’s free option Buffer allows you to add up to three social media channels to it’s platform and make 10 scheduled posts per social media channel.

Buffer also analyses your social media performance so you are able to see what Instagram posts are doing well.

The tool works with all the major social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Instagram Ad’s tools 

  1. AdEspresso

AdEspresso helps you create successful Instagram adverts for your products.

The tool offers you the ability to test all your ad’s, dissect them and then duplicate the successful parts of your ad’s to combine them into one really  engaging advert. This tool not only tells you what works and what doesn’t but can also teach you to create better ad’s through their ‘grow your ad’s skills’ feature- so if you are inexperienced in creating ad’s this feature will be invaluable.

Price ranges from $58 (free trial available)


  1. Mention 

Mention is an all-in – one social marketing tool that helps you listen to the conversations around your brand and your competitors. By listening and keeping track of feedback you can improve your Instagram ad’s.

Mention also helps you keep track of the influencers leading the conversations in your field. This can help you understand what Instagram influencers you might want to take marketing direction from.

Price ranges from $29 (free trial available)


Instagram tools for Influencer campaigns 

  1. Meltwater 

Connecting with popular social media influencers on Instagram can help boost your own brand by introducing you to a wider audience.

Meltwater promises to help you discover and vet the right social media influencers for your brand.

So, with Meltwater you’ll be able to easily identify, contact, manage payments as well as the contracts of social media influencers, all from the Meltwater platform.

Price varies. 


Instagram hashtag tools 

  1. Keyword Tool 

Want an easy way to find trending hashtags?

Using a hashtag can generate 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag, this is why it’s important to know what hashtags to use.

The Keyword tool is a free hashtag generator tool that lets you know what hashtags and keywords are trending in your field; so that you can grow your audience.

The tool itself is very simple, functional and easy to use.

Price ranges from $89 (upgrade monthly price)


  1. Juicer 

Juicer offers you a way to a simple, quick and easy way to aggregate all of your brand’s hashtag and social media posts into a single social media feed on your website.

Juicer not only helps drive people to your site through hashtags but also gives you the option of embedding your own Instagram feed into your own site with Juicer’s Instagram aggregator. Here you will be able to show visitors your social side without them having to go search for you.

The Juicer aggregator will also combine testimonials from other Instagram accounts into your feed, so you can build consumer trust.

If you’re looking for a way to attract, engage and build an audience Juicer could be just the tool for you.

Price ranges from $89 (upgrade monthly price)