We are the remote team
that doesn’t seem that remote
From 7 people and Upwork-based projects to the market-leading position and global recognition, we have come a long way to prove there is more to us than affordable rates and acceptable English. We might have taken a wrong turn or two along the way, but we have certainly got to the right place.

Small companies and large enterprises come to Artkai rather for expertise and counsel than for manual labor. Everyday our clients trust us to solve complex problems, realize bold ideas and build resolute products. We take pride in our talent selection process and, more importantly, in people who have managed to get through it. Make no mistake, we have the most passionate, hard-working and ingenious odd-balls on our team. This is all we have ever wanted! Okay, it was a little too dramatic. Clearly, we want more than that, and we would love to achieve it together with you.