Clever Moe


Clever Moe Ad Service
The smarter way to buy your ads

Register your content (Web site, PDFs,Documents)
Clever Moe targets the right viewers and destination for your ads
Upload your ads, set a budget, select a length of time & launch!

Clever Moe results are unique, in one platform you get:
Automatically identifies the audiences and ad networks that work best for your product
Places the ads for you automatically
Injects ads into existing influencer audiences
Live scoring for planning the next marketing campaign
Context-based Multi-touch attribution (MTA) for each lead and account, tells you who is interested in buying and why
Clever Moe Pixel plugs into your systems for conversion tracking
The Dashboard delivers KPIs as: Impressions (CPM), Engagements (CPE), Video views (CPM/Video), Clicks (Conversion rate), and Purchases (Return on Ad Spending ROAS, Return On Investment ROI )