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Get clarity on your new idea and align your team around what you are building

Claim your spot in your industry through distinctively visual language and clear communication

Create websites and apps that peopTHE BIGGEST SMALL AGENCY IN THE WORLD
Welcome To Fanatic
Fanatic is a creative agency providing design, development and digital marketing services. We’re a team of designers working across all areas of digital and printed marketing materials, animation, filming and post production, programmers highly skilled in hand coding beautiful bespoke websites and applications, and digital marketeers delivering massive results in organic search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, PPC, social media management and content marketing.

We have a huge range of skill in house in our studio in The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, and work nationally and internationally with a great range of clients.

We greatly enjoy our work and take great pride and job satisfaction with our results, and long lasting client relationships – some for almost 20 years. We are big on collaborating and are generous with our skills and knowledge, and work hard to become our clients’ trusted secret weapon.

le love to use and help you scale your mission