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Global Leader in Integrated Digital Asset Management Solutions
Empowering Your Business to Organise, Centralise & Secure Digital Content in a Cloud Media Repository with Features like TrueSearch™ & Rich Media Tagging.

Increase Your Brand Value by Managing Rich Media Content for Your Business
Rich Media Content – Brand Management – CIT Digital

Creativity Speaks Through How You Organise Your Digital Content
Digital Content Management – CIT Digital

The backstage story of every successful brand is how it manages its digital assets!

What is Digital Asset Management and How it Helps Your Brand?
“Digital assets” simply means digital content that can be any content intended for digital use and owned by a brand or an individual. It can be used by multiple teams in different locations and be reused many times. A Digital Asset Management platform is an integrated digital cloud repository where you have easy access to all the updated visual assets such as strategic positioning information, guidelines, logos, images, videos and other rich media content. Digital asset management is often referred to as DAM, where these digital assets are stored, organised and accessed. With CIT Digital DAM integrated solutions, your brand can deliver productivity with speed, agility, consistency and control.

Access Media files at your fingertips with our business Integrated digital asset management system
CIT Digital – Business Integrated Digital Asset Management System
CIT Digital provides an autonomous integrated media asset repository for your content and digital asset management needs as a simple solution to manage your digital content.

an be flexibly linked to its related information i.e. usage rights, target audience, source etc. enabling teams to search for the right content.

Enhance your corporate infrastructure with Microsoft Teams and Office 365
We are a Certified Microsoft Partner for MS Teams and Office 365!

Microsoft Teams Digital Partner – CIT DigitalMicrosoft Office 365 Digital Partner – CIT Digital
What do you get with iMediaflow® DAM Solutions?
Efficiency: Our integrated DAM system will help your company get things done in a smarter way
Productivity: It will streamline your processes and help improve productivity across the board
Cutting Costs: You will notice a big savings in your company’s cost structure.
Increasing Revenue: You will be able to boost the bottom line
Safeguarding the Brand: It will secure the consistency & integrity of your company’s brand
ROI: View the cost savings over a short space of time that helps justify the investment