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Save your PR/Coms team 15 hours
or more each week!
It can take an entire afternoon to search for the right files needed to
fufill yet another urgent digital media request. Use CleanPix to automate
your workflow and get more done in less time.

Learn more about CleanPix, specifically our access management, user accounts, and galleries features.
Why choose CleanPix to control your digital brand files?
Easy brand portals: By hosting your key brand files with CleanPix, it’s easy to create and share your key media files using online galleries. Whether your gallery is rights managed and linked to your press site or delivered directly through email, you can respond to incoming media requests from anywhere to anyone!
Saves time: Organizing the release and delivery of your high-res photos and massive B-roll files in a timely matter can be a real challenge. CleanPix is simple to learn and focuses on keeping your digital files organized, easy to find, deliver and download.
Predictable rates: Instead of endlessly complicated pricing tiers, CleanPix delivers straightforward digital media management at simple, easy to budget rates. CleanPix includes plenty of file storage by default with no retention limits, and there are no fees for adding additional administrators.
Established: One key factor in choosing a DAM-Lite service for your business is the longevity of the application. Operating independently since we started in 2001, CleanPix has continued to innovate to ensure that our clients have a sustainable platform that they can rely on for years as they continue to grow and scale.
Dedicated team: You can expect to speak with an expert when you give us a call or write us an email. Effective digital media management is our entire focus. Each member of our team is invested in ensuring that each client gets the full value out of the