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Manage Lists Effortlessly
Manage Lists & Contacts – Import various file types like Excel and CSV. Once your lists are imported, we manage them with simple bounce rules.

Segment – Segment your lists based off past campaign statistics, demographics, or any query you’d like.

Import with Ease – Import contacts or update existing members. You can even do both at the same time!

Download / Export Contacts – Export full lists or your entire contact database into an Excel or CSV file.

Auto Map Import Lists – Assign column headings to match default or custom fields, and our system will automatically match them to the corresponding field in the database.

Import Notification Email – Receive a status summary email when your imports are complete.

Custom Field Creation – Create up to 50 additional custom fields unique to your data.

Merge Lists – Quickly merge contacts from one list to another existing list or a newly created list.

Track Real-Time Results
Analytics – View and download detailed reports of bounces, opens, clicks and unsubscribes. Downloadable formats include Excel, CSV, Text & PDF.

Spam Checks – Quickly check the spam scores of any campaign to ensure emails arrive in the inbox.

Monitor Account Activity – View the total number of emails sent within a specified time frame and break down targets, delivers, bounces and more.

Deliverability Comparison – View statistics between your campaigns and make minor tweaks to increase deliverability

Access Features Easily
1Point API Platform – Our platform supports a robust API that lets you use all of the essential features without needing to access the application.