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KatLinks – Simple-to-use SEO tool for non-SEO experts | Product Hunt

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Your job is to build amazing software, not to become an SEO expert, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it
Improving your website’s SEO should be a simple, pain-free task. You shouldn’t have to spend so much time learning how to use complicated and expensive SEO tools

KatLinks is an affordable and easy to use SEO Tool for SaaS Companies that want to put their products in front of the users who are searching for them on Google. It is loaded with a powerful, but simple to use set of features:

Backlink Monitoring
Keyword Rankings
On-Page Audits
Keyword Research
Anchor Usage
Backlink Planner
Backlink Gap
Backlink Opportunities
SEO Checklist
Everyone knows SEO is important for SaaS but most don’t know where to start
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Backlink Monitoring & Manager
Understand your backlinks
KatLinks helps you find, manage and monitor your backlinks so you can understand how they are helping your rankings and how you can improve the organic visibility of your SaaS.

Learn more about our backlink manager

Keyword Rank Tracking
Track your rankings
KatLinks is the ultimate SEO keyword rank tracking tool for SaaS Companies. Gain insight into how your website is ranking on Google and measure your improvement over time.

SEO On-Page Audits
Optimize your website
Our SEO on-page audit tool runs a 53 point inspection to identify technical and content optimization issues in your pages that could hurt your organic rankings.

Keyword Research
Discover more keywords
Our research tool will find keywords you may not know you are ranking for. It will also give you keyword suggestions and show you the keywords with which your competitors are ranking.

Anchor Text Usage & Ratios
Optimize your anchor texts
Build a natural backlink profile by balancing anchor text ratios and focusing on those that will improve your topical relevancy and boost your Google rankings.

Backlink Planner
Get the backlinks you need
Our backlink planner uses anchor text usage data to determine the type of anchors you should use and how many backlinks you need to create to balance out your anchor ratios.

Backlink Gap
Find competitor backlinks
Discover the backlinks of you competitors and identify the backlink gap, in other words, the websites where they are getting backlinks, but you are not.

Backlink Opportunities
Build foundational backlinks
Curated list of websites where you can easily get high-quality backlinks for your SaaS website. These will help improve rankings, website’s authority and topical relevancy.

SEO Checklist
Step by step SEO guide
Make sure your SaaS website is ready to rank on Google. Follow the SEO tasks outlined in each of the sections, with the help of the included guides and additional web resources.

EO Tool For SaaS Companies
Improve your SEO, Rank Higher and get more Customers for your SaaS
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