The customer experience optimization company
Marketing, product and tech teams use AB Tasty’s AI-driven experimentation, personalization and product optimization platform to rapidly drive ROI and continuously deliver outstanding user experiences.

What we do in a nutshell
We elevate customer experiences by providing marketers and product teams with an experimentation and personalization platform that turbocharges optimization.
Marketing teams

Client-side testing​
Our visual editor and widget library take code out of the equation, so you can run insightful campaigns without the time commitment or hassle.​

Personalized user experiences​
Segment audiences to send the right message, to the person, at the right time—it’s hyper-precision at hyper-speed.

Nudge engagement campaigns​
Choose from a variety of industry-specific, customizable templates to nudge visitors into action.​

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Product teams

Feature flags​
Feature flags let product managers toggle new features on or off for a controlled – or personalized – rollout.​

Progressive rollout​
Test the waters with beta programs, canary testing, and other progressive rollout methods to minimize risk and launch with a clear conscience.​

Server-side experimentation​
Go beyond client-side and add depth to your experimentation and personalization campaigns on all digital channels.​