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Welcome to Adcore

We believe advertising should be effortless and accessible to everyone.Discover a smarter way to leverage digital marketing.

You’ve been upgraded: Adcore’s Effortless Marketing app is released

Effortless Marketing® is a holistic marketing solution for Shopify store owners from feed creation and submission to smart campaign creation and performance tracking

The Confidence to Execute Your Business Strategy

We see digital advertising as the key to meet rising growth challenges – and have the expertise to make it right.


An analysis dashboard and account auditing tool that allows advertisers to easily make data driven optimization decisions.

Our story

Begins back in 2006 when Adcore was a cosy little digital agency. The first turning point came when Omri Brill, the CEO and founder of Adcore, together with Albert Bentov, the CTO developed the initial AI algorithms, designed to automate simple tasks for campaign manager’s and their day to day work.

The need arose from within the company and the technological solutions were based on the genuine necessity of professional marketers.