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Every brand has a story to tell.
Native, Reinvented.

Native Advertising is the only way to capture a user’s attention in a non intrusive and interruptive way.

Creative quality and format familiarity ensure higher engagement and better brand lift.

Seamless. Engaging. Scalable.

Use the AYL Clipr platform to build or replicate and amplify your Stories
on the Open Web

Use the AYL Clipr platform to replicate and amplify your Social posts
on the Open Web

Component based native video ads that match the layout & design of every site for maximum engagement

Create your component based ad that brings an infinite range of customization and supplier engagement


ADYOULIKE was born out of a passion for storytelling & technology, as well as a belief that it is possible to find a way to make ads that‍ people like.

Out of that passion and belief, plus a ton of technology and R&D, came what has shaped our DNA for the last 10 years: Native‍ Advertising, a new kind of advertising that respects the form, function and the user experience of the content where it appears.