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Connect with customers. Drive revenue. Smarter. Faster.

Consumers seek out authentic user-generated content (UGC) to make informed purchasing decisions. Our shopper engagement platform gives you total control to collect, display, and distribute UGC at a global scale. Inspire confident purchases with Ratings & Reviews, Q&As, Visual & Social Content, and more.

Drive revenue
Passive browsers become confident shoppers. Product pages actually become engaging. Conversion accelerates. Your revenue soars. Our solutions galvanize the entire shopper experience, allowing you to supercharge product performance.
Scale your brand
Distribute UGC to the world’s leading retailers in order to win new shoppers. Jumpstart product launches with reviews on day 1. Use the voice of your customers to pull in more traffic. And win new customers by expanding into new markets across the globe.
Actionable insights
Everything from competitive benchmarking to customer sentiment. Get easy-to-digest insights that can help you improve your products, upgrade your marketing, and reduce those pesky return rates. We analyze UGC across our wide network of retailers to give you the right tools to smash your KPIs.
Build loyalty
Turn real-life super fans into your strongest advocates by responding to their questions, amplifying their content across leading retailers, and allowing them to share their opinions with peers. They win. You win. Win-win.