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Solutions & Products
Management of Inbound/Outbound Documents
We describe document management system as management of the entire lifecycle of a document, such as creating and versioning the document, transmitting it to right persons at the right time through appropriate solutions, archiving and destroying the document when it is needed.
Occupational Health and Safety Management
Organizations can easily perform the processes regarding occupational health, safety and workers’ health, which they are required to moitor and manage, both in web and mobile environment thanks to QDMS Occupational Health and Safety solution.

Business Processes Automation
Business processes automation (BPA) can be defined as an enterprise transformation aiming to increase productivity and facilitate compliance with repetitive operations.
Quality | Integrated Management System
Bimser’s Quality | Integrated Management System provides the advantages of effective competition, uninterrupted customer satisfaction, creation of customer trust, reduction of errors, increasing the profitability, controlling the costs, minimizing the losses and continuous improvement.