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Blockthrough is the market leader in adblock revenue recovery

We help the world’s largest publishers monetize their ad-blocked inventory in a respectful, user friendly, and scalable manner.

Recover Adblock Revenue
Most sites have adblock rates of 10-40%
We help recover revenue from this blocked inventory
No upfront costs or setup fee
Most popular solution with US ComScore-150
Deliver Better Ad Experiences
Ads are only served to opted-in users
Users can opt out of ads at any time
All ads comply with Acceptable Ads and Better Ads standards
Works for all device types
Getting Started is Easy
Minimal dev work required
Add a single line of code to get started
No tagging required
Dedicated account manager
About Blockthrough

We’re passionate believers in the free Internet and, at the same time, we’re adblock users ourselves. We understand the vast majority of us just want a better, lighter ad experience, and we created Blockthrough to help publishers monetize their adblock users in a sustainable way. We believe that publishers have the right to monetize their content, and their users deserve an outstanding experience.