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Welcome to the business of certainty
We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency.

A certain approach
Understand the companies in your ecosystem
With information on more than 400 million companies we are the resource for company data.

A key benefit of our information is how simple we make it to compare companies internationally.

Helping you navigate
risk and business growth
It’s a difficult time to be making decisions.
Whether you’re an existing client with questions or training needs, or just interested to see if our data can help you in the current situation, do get in touch to see how we can help you.

We have teams ready to train you, help you explore our self-serve e-learning platforms, or demo our range of solutions and we can arrange a free trial access period. We can show you how our entity and business data can help you manage risk, screen suppliers, on-board clients or add value to your own CRM.

Our data solutions show you
What companies do, how they’re performing and the people that run them
Financial data, legal entity details, M&A activity and news
Corporate structures and ownership

New Compliance Catalyst
Our new, enhanced Compliance Catalyst is a complete rebuild of our popular risk platform. It’s more scalable, faster and includes a range of modules so you can build your own solution.

Register for your demo or trial now.

Orbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies with information on more than 400 million companies across the globe. Orbis captures and blends data from more than 160 different sources and treats it so it’s standardized and comparable. Using Orbis you can be certain of a lot more.

Bureau van Dijk and RDC – smarter together
We’re pleased to announce that as a result of the acquisition last year, RDC is now part of Bureau van Dijk – and is known as Bureau van Dijk.

Together we offer:

fast validation and screening of entities and people
the best entity data, including corporate structures and beneficial ownership
curated adverse media, and fast, precise screening, that’s easy to configure

White papers
Our collection of white papers explores several key business challenges around research, data and risk mitigation. Many are concerned with the challenges of analyzing companies with complex ownership structures – the theme of beneficial ownership runs through much of our content.

They are developed with industry experts, and are free to download.

Bureau van Dijk for you
Certainty is a highly-prized commodity in business. Data might be getting bigger all the time, but this only makes extracting value from it more difficult.

In capturing and treating private company information we aim to give you more certainty – and help you make better decisions and work more efficiently.