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Social Media Analytics Simplification

Buzzinga harnesses the power of social media to enable strategic decision making through actionable insights


Organized Social Media Listening into country and industry specific verticals


Comprehensive, Customizable Social Analytics Dashboards


Intuitive, Insightful on-demand Reports

Mainstream Social Media – Near Real-time Listening

Buzzinga listens into all mainstream social media sources such as Twitter, Facebook public, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr and also maintains a massive listening index of millions of News, Blogs and Forum sources enabling listening on a near real-time level. Buzzinga’s monitoring platform aggregates content from all languages across the globe and enables Keyword and Boolean string based search. Buzzinga also allows you to track public Facebook pages or twitter handles to form your own specific listening index.

Country and Industry specific listening indexes

To make immediate sense at an enterprise level and improve data relevancy, Buzzinga classifies its plethora of Blogs, Forum and News feeds on a Country and Industry specific basis thereby enabling localized and highly relevant listening. This data is harnessed along with geo-tagged articles from Twitter and Google + to ensure high data throughput whilst maintaining extremely high stands of data quality.