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Tailored Solutions for Engineering

Lower the costs of working with multiple companies on large projects, sharing information securely and streamlining business processes

Powered by a full business rules configuration toolsuite and with extensive customisation capabilities CARA is used across departments, including project management, marketing and business development.

Managing the vast quantity of engineering documentation produced is a complex matter involving CAD files with multiple layers and reference files, a review and approval process, or bulk import/export to share documentation with partners. CARA provides the tools to manage the entire process, making it easy to collaborate on documents across departments and with external parties.

CARA works across systems with its single destination user interface, so whether CAD drawings need collaborative review, documentation sets need sharing with a contract partner, or you need a personalised dashboard of your project management documents, CARA delivers.

  • Transmittals – create, schedule, track and audit
  • CAD – seamless continuity between CAD and document properties
  • Reference files – manage AutoCAD xRefs linked to master drawings
  • Batch import and export – control and organise large numbers of documents and metadata.