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Now, about those mandates.

From local regulations, to network mandates, to EMV® 3DS updates – navigating the everchanging payments landscape can be complex. Let us show you how Cardinal’s success teams work closely with you to make the process as frictionless as possible for both you and your customers.

We are Cardinal.

At Cardinal, we promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our employees come with different backgrounds and experiences, resulting in many different approaches that are part of our success. All are welcome, all can succeed – each in their own way. We embrace individuality and offer everyone the opportunity to learn and grow, no matter where that takes them.

How we give.

We look for ways to help make a difference all year long. During the holidays we adopt local families who are going through hard times to make sure they and their children can celebrate too. We participate in the local United Way Day of Giving and work with local non-profits to paint, landscape, and help with chores they can’t pay to have done.