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Actionable Insights from Every Customer Interaction, in One Platform

Grow sales, ensure compliance, and increase efficiency with the AI platform that listens at every customer touchpoint to uncover depth and nuance.

Listen Everywhere

Capture every call, review, social post, and survey. Clarabridge helps you connect quickly to cover every source of feedback.

Analyze AI-Fueled Insihts

See what’s driving feedback volume, sentiment, effort, or satisfaction across various customer segments.

Act on Data

Use the data to empower teams, drive operational improvements, solve for points of friction, and improve overall customer experience.

Engage with Customers

Leverage digital customer service channels without sacrificing quality. In under a week you can take control across multiple digital and social channels.

Powering you with insights to deliver the best customer experience.

At Clarabridge, we are obsessed with delivering innovative customer experiences and contact center solutions. With over a decade of experience in designing and delivering industry-recognized best-in-class text and speech analytics, we have enabled thousands of global brands to transcend from insights to action.