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Invest your time somewhere else

Let’s be honest: you wear a lot of hats. Why not let us wear one for you? CM Commerce takes the guesswork and time investment out of email marketing, letting you focus on the rest of your to-do list.

Could your emails be more profitable?

Email has potential to be your biggest source of growth—when you do it right. So we outline the path to incredible growth in our guide: 7 Hacks to Improve Your Email Profitability.

Meet Maggie: Our intelligent marketing bot, email magician and your new co-pilot

Maggie can automatically design emails for you to send at the perfect time, even when you forget or have too many other things going on. She will combine her data-driven smarts and image wizardry to craft captivating emails that include personalised content, segmented for the best set of subscribers.

Activate workflows in minutes, see revenue for a lifetime.

High-performing marketing campaigns are pre-built for you—just click, adjust, and activate. CM Commerce has an extensive library of advanced email flows for welcome series, abandoned shopping carts, order follow-ups, collecting feedback or reviews, and building your loyalty program.