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Powering brands to rule ecommerce

Increase category share up to 80%

Use machine learning and automation to optimize the full ecommerce channel to win at the moment of purchase and drive profitable growth.

A Fresh Approach to Ecommerce

Ecommerce Channel Optimization (ECO) has emerged to help consumer brands win in the algorithmic world of ecommerce. ECO is the practice of using machine learning, analytics and automation to optimize the ecommerce channel to win at the moment of purchase and drive profitable market share growth.

CommerceIQ Platform

The CommerceIQ platform is the world’s first and only Ecommerce Channel Optimization (ECO) solution that aggregates data across sales, marketing, supply chain, and competition, applies machine learning and analytics to generate insights and recommendations, and automates thousands of actions in near real-time to drive incremental growth, improve Share of Voice, and create long-term category leadership.

Win at the Moment of Purchase

The world of ecommerce is interconnected, constantly changing, and driven by algorithms. Winning the digital shelf at the moment of purchase requires optimizing across thousands of connected retail, advertising, and competitor variables, and then using that data to make decisions in near real-time.

CommerceIQ’s Data and Decision Engine (D2E) aggregates data across retail point-of-sale, inventory, profitability, advertising, promotions, content and competition to allow brands to go beyond campaign performance data and maximize digital shelf presence to consistently win at the moment of purchase.