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Sell more with Honeycomb
The leading upsell app. Honeycomb made over $50M for brands like yours.

Increase your cart value as soon as customers head for the checkout.
Offer a better version of a product or complimentary products with ease. Get more for less, buy X get Y and free gifts. Honeycomb does it all.

I was able to get my first upsell funnel running, split tested, and performing in minutes. Within the first 14 days, it has brought in over 6K of additional revenue. Super Happy!
Owner | WINPET Pro

Convert customers after the initial order is made.
Your customers’ trust skyrockets right after an order is complete. Take advantage of this peak to sell even more. Post-purchase offers have a significant impact on your average order value.
The post-purchase upsell is hands down the easiest way to immediately start adding revenue that we have found.
Erik, CEO | Kelly Cottons

Win more sales with real one-click upsell offers.
Show an upsell offer right after the initial payment is made. Customers can claim your offers without re-entering their payment details.
If you are looking for an Upsell app look no further, This app has really increased our profits and the customer service is amazing.
Owner | Divers Gifts

Honeycomb ticks all the boxes
Cart page funnels
Pop an offer as customers are heading for the checkout.
Cross-sell and upsell
Offer a better version of a product or complimentary products with ease.
Autopilot mode
Use our AI engine to match your customer’s cart with the perfect offer.
Powerful split testing
Split test your funnels with one click. Keep the winning version.
Laser focused targeting
Target variants, products, collections, and cart values. We offer infinite combinations.
Thank you page funnels
Convert customers after the initial purchase is made.
Downsell offers
Built-in funnel conditional flow in case customers decline your first offer.
Virtual products
Sell extended warranties, priority shipping, e-books and more.
Free gifts
Offer free gifts as customers head for the checkout to lower your abandoned carts.
Robust reporting
Track each and every funnel. Gain insights through detailed revenue reports.