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Make Your Team a Growth-Driven Machine.

Save time and money by automating your business with Datalyse.

We offer a variety of integrations and widgets to easily connect Datalyse with your existing workflow. In case you want to create your own integration or implement something more specific, we have a public API.

The Intelligent CRM

A telecom integrated CRM that leverages modern technologies to adapt your needs and grow your business.

Customer relationship management system

Datalyse is a customer relationship management system that lets you connect with your customers in whatever part of the world that they are based. Our intelligent CRM will personalise and automate customer experience and provides in-depth analytics to ensure you are moving your business in the right direction.

Personalised and automated experience

Limit oversight and increase your productivity by working with Datalyse’s CRM, that’s custom built for your industry and can be built bespoke for your business needs. You can schedule automated reminders, plan the various steps of your call activities and establish company-specific processes, dramatically improving productivity, all while ensuring compliance and meeting your industry’s standards.

Connect with your customers, wherever they are

Datalyse provides seamless integrations, allowing you to connect with your customers wherever they are. No matter what channel of communication they use, your interaction can be recorded and measured, enhancing your customer’s experience.

CRM Analysis and Reporting

With Datalyse’s CRM in place, it’s time to stop guessing/estimating and start working with actual figures. The reports you generate with Datalyse, allows you to conduct in-depth analysis of your activities in order to measure the true ROI of your marketing efforts and visualise their real impact on your sales.