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Email campaign software
We bring you 20 years experience in the design of email marketing software in affordable, easy to deploy and use toolkits
Newsletter Manager Pro
A lightweight, fast and effective solution to run your own email campaigns directly from your own server.
Manage mailing lists, newsletters send email campaigns. Extensive reporting.
One time license fee. Self-hosted; You install it on your own server and use it as you like.
Requires Windows servers or hosting. Supported databases: MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL.
Optimized for each database for resource intensive tasks.
Capable for managing large mailing lists.
Bounce processing & Scheduling add-ons.

Features-loaded, self-hosted email marketing software for Linux & Windows servers. PHP/MySQL/MariaDB.
All types of Email campaigns, extensive newsletter personalization, list management and segmentation utilities.
Autoresponders, drip email campaigns, email triggers.
Extensive real-time campaign reporting.
One time license fee. Installed at your own server.
Capable in handling large multi-million mailing lists.
Works with any smtp service provider. Webhooks integration with Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid and Mailjet.

Newsletter Manager Pro highlights
Design and personalize your newsletters or import html templates.
Real time views & clicks rich interactive reporting on your email campaigns.
Multiple SMTP servers that rotate with every batch. Ssl,tls options and custom smtp headers.
Edit, pause and resume a running campaign.
Do mailing list management and segmentation, send follow-up campaigns.
Opt-in form builder with custom welcome/goodbye landing pages and greeting emails.
Send html, text and multipart newsletters. Send a web page as a newsletter by the URL.
Integrated SEO and mobile friendly newsletter archive.
Send birthday newsletters and daily autoresponder campaigns.
Use double opt-in when collecting subscriber emails.
Email marketing software
Our email campaign software enables businesses and other organizations to send targeted, permission-based email campaigns.
Collect analytics, handle bounces and follow-up.
Targeted email marketing is considered as the most effective, low cost method of electronic marketing. See why.
How it works
Newsletter Manager Pro requires Windows hosting where nuevoMailer will work practically everywhere you have PHP/MySQL support.
All types of hosting can work: shared, dedicated, cloud and other variants. Both tools work with external SMTP servers.
Our newsletter software is easy for beginners and powerful for expert users. Easy to install and use.
Is it the right product for you?
Widely used all over the world.
What can it do for you
Improve the management of your mailing lists and newsletters.
Collect emails from your website visitors, import your email lists and start sending newsletters.
IT professionals can offer a mailing list management and newsletter software solution to their clients.
As a business and you want to engage in email marketing with your customers and contacts.
Use our newsletter software in your company’s intranet to send important newsletters within your organization.
Testimonials from our customers.