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Open-Source Platform

Directus is completely free and open-source, with 3M+ on-prem installs, 3K+ community members, and 300+ amazing contributors.

On-Demand Cloud

With over 8 thousand users, our self-service Cloud platform provides a dashboard for quickly spinning up fully-managed Directus projects.

Enterprise Cloud

Take your business serverless with a modern API pipeline and code-free data exploration app, all powered by our tailored, enterprise-scale platform.

Manage pure SQL database content.
Your data, pristine and portable

You are in total control of how your data is structured and stored. Directus stays out of the way.

Choose your SQL vendor

Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, OracleDB, MariaDB, AWS Aurora and more.

The full power of SQL queries

Connect directly to your database and run complex SQL queries with no added API latency.

An instant REST and GraphQL API.
Rapidly design new APIs

Quickly create a custom API using an existing SQL schema, or our App’s intuitive data modeler.

Auth & rule-based permissions

Granular access control allows you to define custom workflows for any of your unlimited user roles.

Hooks & custom endpoints

Extend the core API with additional endpoints, response filters, webhooks, and event logic.