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Interactive Experiences for your customers

Placed anywhere, on any channel. No coding, No plug-ins, No magic required.

Bring any idea to life!

With Interactive Content Platform, you have full control over design and functionality, allowing you to bring any idea to life. Pick between +100 easy-to-configure templates for quick work.

Embed any part. Anywhere.

Run your interactive experience as a stand-alone landing page or simply embed the parts you need.

Create Interactive Experiences

Bring customers closer to your brand with our interactive content platform. Create experiences that people actively seek out and enjoy, while collecting actionable insights from each interaction.

Most Beneficial Way to Collect

Zero & First-Party Data

Nowadays, to collect Zero & First-Party Data, the best practice is a two-way value exchange: the company gets data, and the customer gains information, feedback, deals, or a pleasant gamified experience. To their core, Interactive Experiences are designed to generate this two-value exchange, making it the best way to gather Zero & First-Party Data.

With our Interactive Content Platform, you can both design Interactive Experiences and collect Zero & First-Party Data!