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Powerful Merchandising

Push selected products up the results ranking using English language rules. Deliver timely, relevant upsells & cross-promotions tailored to each visitor’s actions or product criteria.

Actionable analytics provide complete control for a better customer experience

Built-in analytics help identify patterns in the way customers search, buy & interact with your website. Go beyond optimization with the ability to identify problematic searches & adjust results accordingly.

Dynamic navigation

Great customer experience requires easy, intuitive navigation. Provide your customers with new categories and attribute filters that are created by your merchandisers using EasyAsk.

Search As You Type

Far smarter than ‘type-ahead’, EasyAsk’s instant search functionality dynamically returns relevant products as the shopper types their query. Search suggestions as well as relevant and popular products, attributes, and categories will all be dynamically displayed in an easy to use interface.

Voice Search

Let your mobile users speak their product inquiries as if they were talking to a real sales associate. EasyAsk will understand no matter how the search is phrased and will show the right products on the first page, every time.