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eyeCall® – the sales tool for more sales on the phone
Recognition value
89% of eyecall® customers say that their recognition value has increased.

Sales process
82% of eyecall® customers say that the sale of complicated products has been simplified.

Removal of telesales hurdles
93% of eyecall® customers say that classic telesales hurdles have been removed.

Personal level
85% of eyecall® customers say that the level between customer and sales representative is becoming more personal.

What is eyeCall®?
eyeCall® is your cloud-based digital solution , which combines telephone acquisition with the advantages of video communication and online presentation
You create your customer with eyeCall® and an individual URL is generated
After your customer has opened it in their browser, you will greet them with a smile.
A one -way camera connection, parallel to the classic phone call , turns you into a digital travel guide on your website.
eyeCall® is designed in such a way that the video stream is placed like a mask over any website that is used to present the range of services.
Alternatively, you can share your screen for product demos via screen sharing .
Your only requirements: an Internet connection and the latest version of one of the popular Internet browsers .

What is eyeCall®?
In addition to your voice , you also use your body language as a valuable tool for communication.

Via the simple interface of eyeCall®, you can provide your customers with files such as offers or brochures live during a conversation .

You and your customers can use it completely without installation.

eyeCall compared to other providers
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Why use eyeCall®?
The right face to your voice on the phone increases your recognition value with your customers enormously.
The more intensive personal level compared to a classic telephone conversation gives your customers a greater sense of security to make the right purchase decision.
The live file exchange also helps to shorten your sales cycle and thus increase your efficiency.
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Raise your sales to a new level, inspire your customers and increase your sales sustainably!
eyecall backend
Business is done between people. And to win people over, it takes more than just a phone call these days. Personal on-site appointments and individual offers usually convert better, because personal conversations build trust – from person to person.

For most sales employees, picking up the phone is like a visit to the dentist, because no other acquisition method is as demanding and as unsuccessful as cold calling! With eyeCall® calls are child’s play!

Maximize success in customer meetings
Live video stream to guide the customer through the offer
Respond personally and directly to possible questions
Give the right picture to the voice and create recognition value
eyeCall® gives your telephone sales a new face and brings the demands of your customers together with the interests of your company.

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Your long-term benefit
Benefit from the new possibilities and increase your sales sustainably and efficiently!
Easy handling
With eyeCall® you have a user-friendly sales tool that does not require intensive user training. The clear layout ensures easy operation so that new sales employees can quickly find their way around.

More personal bond
In telephone acquisition, you have to get your potential customers excited about your product or service as quickly as possible. A personal exchange has a decisive influence on how your customer feels. In contrast to classic telephone acquisition, eyeCall® enables you to have a personal and concise exchange with the live video stream and navigation through your range of services. In this way you can gain the interest and trust of your customers!

Temporal flexibility
eyeCall® helps you to address your customers personally and also save valuable time. You guide the customer interactively through your product world in the browser and thus reduce the number of necessary on-site visits to the customer. eyeCall® creates more time for you – either for even more new business or for optimal support for your existing customers.

Shortening the lead time
Break the classic rhythm of sales with first contact, callbacks and contract negotiations once and for all. The immediate provision of the offer in the first meeting shortens your lead time by a time-consuming step. eyeCall® gives you the time to take care of even more customers in your day-to-day business. eyeCall® not only makes your sales more personal, but also measurably more efficient.

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eyeCall® for your company
Optimal use with minimal effort
Connection to your CMS
You can store important remarks and comments in the eyeCall® customer profile. These can be easily copied with just one click and easily added to any CMS.

Requirement for your internet connection
With eyeCall®, user-friendliness is paramount. Accordingly, the focus is on simple application and uncomplicated implementation. A bandwidth of 6 Mbit is enough for the optimal exchange with your customer to enable a perfect HD sales experience.

Requirements at the customer
eyeCall® works cloud-based, which is why no installation is necessary, neither at customer nor at sales level. This has advantages for both sides: On the one hand, no superfluous, additional software is required and, on the other hand, a simple Internet browser is sufficient to experience the personal exchange.

Technical requirement

All you need for a convincing sales experience with eyeCall® is a stable internet connection, a current version of the popular internet browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and a webcam.

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