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FireDrum Email Studio™ responsive email template builder.
Dare we say, you’ll actually have fun building emails now!

Lead Capture Forms
Use our built in lead capture forms or one of the many integrated options. We support email signup forms for WordPress, Privy, WooCommerce and many others.

Detailed Contact Engagement
Unique to FireDrum you can view and sort your Contacts by Opens and Clicks. Instantly see what contacts are the most engaged. View the complete activity history of individual contacts.

Get Faster Support
Our customers rave about our exceptional personal one on one support that you can’t get from the megacorp email providers. Choose Chat, Email or Phone communication with your own dedicated account manager.

Higher ROI
On average marketers that switch to FireDrum save up to 50% or more. Prepay and save even more with our flexible payment plans.

Better Deliverability
Increase deliverability email authentication. We provide SPF, DKIM and DMARC email authentication. Keep your email delivery reputation high with SmartClean™. Dedicated IP addresses are available upon request. We actively monitor your email reputation and offer guidance on email marketing best practices.

More Detailed Reports
Our reports track and compare engagement and activity for individual contacts or by email campaigns. Unique to FireDrum, our graphs are interactive. Instantly create a contact segment from any graph. Download, print and export reports to PDF.

Since 2001, FireDrum is your extended email marketing department. Lead your email marketing operations with a dedicated account manager from FireDrum. Our customers rave about our exceptional personal one on one support that you just can’t get from other email providers. Whether you prefer Chat, Email or Phone communication we’re always here to help you accomplish your email marketing goals!

FireDrum is an email marketing service. We offer a variety of solutions that fit in every budget and support unique needs. Whether you want to do it yourself or have us manage your email campaigns, will be here to help.