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Manage 100,000s of leads and automate processes with simple CRM software

FLG is the only easy-to-use online CRM that can help you manage 100,000s of leads and automate customer touchpoints without changing your sales process.

What if you could manage 100,000s of leads effectively by automating your sales process?

FLG is the only simple CRM system with all the features you need to
manage your leads and build the best CRM workflows around your entire sales
process, without having to change it.

Lead management – up to 1 million CRM leads
Gather leads from any source
Bulk imports
Logic-based lead distribution
Automated intelligent workflows
Bulk exports, edits and updates
Advanced de-duplication features
Reporting & analytics

How many sales could you close with more leads being managed correctly?

Ensure compliance
Built-in templates
Track contact preferences & consent
Step-by-step guided call scripts
Integrations with diallers & telephony services to save call notes & recordings
Time-stamped audit report
Hosted in ISO 27001 certified data centres in the UK and the Republic of Ireland