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Interactive Stories and Presentations

Create your vision with web technologies.

Whether you’re inspiring a client or teaching a teammate, StoryForj is the next best thing to a conversation.

Be Unforgettable with Visuals.

The average reader spends more than 8 minutes reading a Forj story. Typical text articles and blogs are read for only 39 seconds.

Forj makes putting text in visual layouts incredibly easy. Accent your own media with our free-to-use collection of thousands of great images.

Be Interesting with Interactivity.

Quizzes, polls, data visualizations, and form inputs. Collect valuable feedback as people read. Use interactivity to transform the information in the document in real-time. Let the reader decide what information to read and in what order.

Get Insights about your Readers.

We gather and analyze data from a lot of places – why not our docs? Understand how long readers spent in the doc, which parts they read, which parts they missed.