Gremlin Social


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Your Easy Button for Social Selling.

Gremlin Social enables banks to compliantly engage with customers on social media, build deeper relationships with their communities, and close more deals.


Turn Sales Reps into Social Sellers

78% of sales people who use social media out-perform their peers. Gremlin Social makes it easy to create, schedule, and publish compelling social media content that separate your reps from the pack. Need help with creating content? We’ve got you covered.


Create a team workflow. Speed up the approval process.

Gremlin’s social media compliance software allows account owners to enable team access to social network accounts with ease, easily prevent posts with restricted keywords or phrases, and approve content before publishing to corporate and employee social media.


Build & Educate Online Communities

Manage Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in one place. Enable employees to post content approved by your team to personal accounts with the Gremlin Content Library. Connect with customers and assign posts from them to the appropriate team member.

Advanced Social Listening

Gremlin Social now includes advanced social listening tools that monitor the web for mentions of your brand name, products, and keywords on sites including news, blogs, and social media.