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Experts in digital marketing software and services

We make organizations digitally successful

Marketeers rely more than ever on technology and this will only increase in the future. GX Software has unrivaled experience in helping you manage all your content, data and personalizations.

We’re here to help you with everything from developing a strategy to seeing it through to its technical realization and we provide all the support you need during the lifetime of your implementation. We build the smartest solutions for your marketing challenges so you can offer your customers the best digital experience.

This is who we are

We make organizations successful online. We build smart technological solutions for every marketing challenge: from increasing conversions to making digital support more efficient. We do this for every channel: from website to account log-ins, from email to webshop.

GX Connect

Every year we organize GX Connect. What started as an afternoon get-together with customers has grown into the largest free marketing event in the Netherlands. And we’re pretty proud of that.