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End-to-End SaaS Analytics
HockeyStack is a SaaS analytics platform that unites marketing, revenue and product data, so that marketing & growth teams understand the drivers of product engagement and high quality leads, and increase revenue faster than ever.

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How SaaS Marketing & Growth Teams Maximize Conversions and Reduce Churn
Integrate in 30 Seconds
The only skill needed to get actionable data from HockeyStack is copy and paste. Paste our tracking code to your website and you are done.

No Code, No Cookies
We collect every single action on your website without cookies. No code or a tag manager needed to track events. Everything is automatic.

0 Effect On Site Speed
Tired of your speed score decreasing day-by-day because of your analytics tool? Our script loads in 0.05 seconds.

Unify Data Across Teams
The only tool you need to analyze marketing, revenue, and retention.
Know which marketing channels, blog posts, topic clusters, ad campaigns, or any other marketing campaign that you are running bring the highest quality of leads in terms of LTV or ACV
Analyze your users’ in-product actions with no code
Know which features, channels, or campaigns drive the highest revenue for your business
Align marketing, growth, and revenue teams around the same goals

Increase your conversion rate with minimum time and effort
Know how to increase your conversion at all times.
Understand your customer persona with insights, optimize your marketing
Filter your visitors by your goals, explore their journeys step-by-step, understand pain points without watching hundreds of session replays
Share your dashboard with your team and let every member of your team understand your website’s current situation
and grow your business with us.

Optimize each step of your marketing
Get the best out of your SEO, paid advertisements, content distribution, and more.
Analyze unique exits of your content, add more internal links at the right point of the page with our scroll data, allow your visitors to get to the next funnel step at the right time
Know which blog posts convert better, update the ones that are not working based on user journey, create more content that converts
Create funnels, duplicate them, add your UTM tags, analyze your paid advertisement traffic, double down on the best advertisements
and get the best bang for your money, time, and effort.

Find your customer persona with one click
Which customer segment converts more, reads your content, or signs up for a free trial?
Know your best customer segment based on the goals you defined with one click
Click on “See in Users” to automatically filter your visitors by the segment and analyze their sessions step-by-step without watching hundreds of session replays
See the visitors in the same segment who didn’t complete your goal with one click
and convert more visitors. All automatic. No-code.

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