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Our data is
the way
Leading film, music, major consumer brands and political advertisers learn, understand and engage the hearts of people in the extreme digital economy


The intelligent way to move massive audiences from “engaged” to “I do”
Using proprietary data science and artificial intelligence, ICX has created over 85 Million Rich Profiles™ (and counting) in the United States. Each profile is characterized by demographic, psychographic, sentiment, interest, video preferences/viewing, cultural and other CCPA-compliant data markers, making building an audience and targeting – a breeze.

Clients can even match a certain subset of our profiles with third parties for advanced analytics and tactical activation pathways.

We mine the unstructured data-verse, connecting over 11 million video creators and over 300 million video consumers across most social platforms. We include the way people comment on videos, as well as their mood and sentiment.

Content Intelligence
Data is organized in a multi-dimensional map, representing media preferences, cultural markers, and audience behaviors leading up to present day. We use sophisticated patent-pending natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

Content Analytics
We utilize AI-driven predictive analytics guided by the combined experience of ICX’s industry veterans to find patterns pointing to future behaviors and preferences.

Rich Profiles™
The result is a set of ready-to-license, highly nuanced Rich Profiles™ of over 85 million adults (and growing) that can be bundled into custom audiences.

From here, the path is short to high performance activation strategies through media buys, data-driven storytelling, and co-branding opportunities.

Imagine being able to build your ideal audience – then craft the content that will resonate with them perfectly

Bundle profiles of people who watch specific shows, movies, specials
Bundle profiles of people who are passionate about specific topics
Bundle profiles according to the influencers, politicians, activists, & celebrities they follow
Bundle profiles based on their major brands & companies of choice
Bundle profiles based on traditional IAB segments
Bundle profiles of fans of local TV and radio audiences

Understand your audience & their media eco-system
Predict which content would work and where
Bundle your own audiences from our Rich Profiles™
Craft data-inspired storytelling that moves them