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Automated Influencer Marketing & Performance Marketing.

Automated Influencer Marketing

More and more customers trust the opinions of micro-influencers when making purchase decisions or learning about new products or services.

With these online opinion leaders you can reach new audiences, increase brand trust and generate revenue for your business.

But how to find the right people for your brand? Imagine you could get 100 influential people to advertise your brand with the effort of five minutes.

We can make this possible for you.

Why should you work with micro-influencers?

The engagement rate of influencers across social media channels decreases when the amount of followers increases. Micro-influencers are individuals with a social media following between 1000 and 100 000 people. They are considered to be experts in their chosen niches, making them very potential for companies.

We work with individuals with a follower count between 10 000 and 100 000 people, to get you the best performance for your budget. Read more about micro-influencers and why we think they are the future of influencer marketing.