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The easiest way for companies to automate offline customer communications

Inkit makes offline touchpoints feel more like conversations by integrating with your entire stack.

Connect data flows from team to team

Empower your workforce with automated processes that enable offline customer communications to work in real time.
Inkit for Marketing Teams
Single view of the customer

Unify your offline customer communications across all apps and tools.

Inkit for Product Teams
Integrate the best apps and tools

Align your marketing, engineering, risk, and compliance teams with data they need.

Inkit for Compliance Teams
Audit logs and reporting

Track and manage your most important customer communications. Governance functionality has full audit logs and reporting needed for banks, insurers, and healthcare companies.

Inkit for Engineering Teams
For developers, by developers

With just a few lines of code, you can implement Inkit in an afternoon.

Best-of-breed app integrations

A best-of-breed tech stack gets even better with Inkit as the secure content layer. We have integrations with more than 100 of your favorite apps and tools — that’s over 100 ways to transform how work gets done.