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Go-To-Market With The
Ultimate Competitive Advantage
Intricately’s cloud product adoption and spend intelligence helps cloud revenue teams focus their go-to-market strategy on the prospects with the highest revenue potential.

Turn Your Prospects’ Cloud Spend And Usage Data Into Revenue Opportunities
We help you forecast territory potential and identify prospects with the highest propensity to buy.

We simplify the process of identifying target accounts with insight into product adoption, IT spend, and more.

Sales Execution
With a unified view across marketing and sales, you can guarantee reps are acting on the right prospects with an informed sales pitch.

Get An Unparalleled View Into The Cloud
We provide marketing and sales teams with detailed cloud product adoption, usage and spend data for over 7 million businesses around the world, and 21,000+ cloud products. Start planning your go-to-market strategy around unique attributes like:

Intricately Integrates Into Your Existing Systems
Consume the Intricately Data Platform as you need it.

API Access
Our comprehensive API enables complete control and customization. Our team of engineers will help build your data machine.

Data Snapshot
An in-depth snapshot of a company’s entire cloud footprint. Available for over 7M companies around the globe.

Enrich our data into your Salesforce, Marketo or Hubspot to align sales and marketing.

Web Application
Our web app and chrome extension provide powerful tools for prospecting and prioritizing leads.

Intricately For Every Need
We help the entire organization identify the best opportunities to grow the business.