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Connecting Brands with Chinese Consumers
MIP – Intelligence Decision Engine

The iPinYou Marketing Intelligence Platform (MIP) is a 360 degree intelligent marketing solutions platform powered by big data and artificial intelligence technologies. Implementing the iPinYou MIP solution enables brands to harness the value of big data to generate intelligent campaign strategies, sustainable business models, and comprehensive marketing strategies.

Core Competencies

Intelligent Optimization

Automatically monitors and optimizes campaigns strategies and details with transparency to enhance campaign performance

Cross-Screen & Cross-Channel Delivery

Consolidates domestic and overseas premium media resources to enable cross-media, cross-device, and cross-platform advertising solutions

Data Cloud

Integrates with cloud storage, cloud data analysis, data mining tools, sales lead management tools, business collaboration tools etc

Integrated DMP

Integrates reputable 3rd party data and iPinYou’s enormous user data accumulated in ten years, to create a customized DMP for brand

Unique Advantages

Intelligent bidding algorithms that makes 400,000 bid per second. The first to build a Hadoop cloud computing platform. Proprietary audience profiling technology: DAAT

API Integration

Standard API interface to allow real-time campaign data feedback

Anti-Fraud System

Based on 10 years of campaign data and exclusive mobile data, iPinYou has developed and implemented robust pre-bid anti-fraud algorithms for campaign operations in Optimus Prime. Third-party verification companies such as IAS, Grapeshot are integrated with Optimus Prime to ensure brand safety, viewability, and content relevance.